The Oak Ridge Civic Music Association (ORCMA) is a presenting organization dedicated to providing quality music to the people of Oak Ridge and the surrounding communities; promoting participation in musical performances; and contributing to the musical education of people of all ages. ORCMA presents innovative and exciting concerts by the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra and the Oak Ridge Chorus; the unique Chamber Music Series which attracts local and national artists; the free Coffee Concert Series that provides a performance space for talented up-and-coming local artists; and the annual free Family Concert which includes special programming and activities for East Tennessee families.

The origins of the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association (ORCMA) began with the founding of the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra (ORSO) in 1944 by musically talented scientists and engineers led by Waldo Cohn, who worked in the Secret City during WWII. In 1947, ORCMA was formed as the umbrella organization for the ORSO and the Oak Ridge Chorus. ORCMA currently encompasses the professional ORSO, the OR Chorus, the Chamber Music series, free Coffee Concerts, provides musical outreach activities to the schools and community, and has been a cultural pillar of the Oak Ridge community since its founding.

Oak Ridge Civic Music Association Nondiscrimination Policy
No person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, religion, or sex shall be excluded from participation in, or be denied benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination of services, programs, and employment provided by the Oak Ridge Civic Music Association. 

A detailed history of the founding of the Oak Ridge Symphony was written by Mike Silverman, who figured prominently in the early history.